This calculator converts kilojoules to food calories (also know as kilocalories or large calories).

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What are kilojoules?

Kilojoules (kJ) are similar to calories. They are both used to measure the energy value of food as well as the amount of energy our bodies burn during various activities like exercising. The main difference between kilojoules and calories is that kilojoules are a smaller unit of measurement. One calorie equals about 4 kilojoules. For example, a small apple has about 53 calories or 222 kilojoules.

How to quickly estimate kilojoules

If you know the number of kilojoules, you can quickly estimate the number of calories by dividing by four, and if you know the number of calories, simply multiply by four to get the approximate number of kilojoules.

Kilojoules / 4 = Calories

4 x Calories = Kilojoules

The table below lists some common food items along with their calories and kilojoules.

Calories and Kilojoules
Food item Cal kJ
banana (med) 105 439
hard boiled egg 78 326
1 slice bread 66 276
3 oz chicken breast 142 594